Emission Factors


A summary of changes in emissions factors from the CCC and CarbonMAP to SIMAP.

On-campus stationary combustion and electricity custom fuel mix:  

  • Emission factors affected: 
    • 1990-2006 and 2012+: coal, natural gas, distillate oil, residual oil CH4 
    • 1990-2006: distillate oil, residual oil N2
    • 2012+ coal, natural gas, distillate oil, residual oil, biomass N2
    • All years: Biomass CH4 and N2O (2012+ only) 
  • These emission factors were updated to ensure the methodology was consistent with the 2015 US GHG Inventory. 
  • The changes to your footprint will be very small since the CO2 factors, which make up the majority of your stationary combustion greenhouse gas emissions, were not affected by this change. 

Air travel CO2 

  • Emission factors affected: CO2 
  • Previously, the CO2 air travel emission factor had a 2.7 multiplier built in to account for radiative forcing associated with emissions at higher altitudes. 
  • In SIMAP, the calculation is separated out as follows:  
    • Passenger miles * air travel CO2 emissions factor * 2.7 radiative forcing factor