Our Team

Meet some of the people working on the platform. 

Jennifer Andrews, Sustainability Project Director 

Jenn comes to UNHSI from Clean Air-Cool Planet, where she worked for 13 years promoting practical climate solutions for colleges and universities as well as municipalities and businesses. During her tenure there she helped to launch, oversee and continually develop the Campus Carbon Calculator, to the point where it has become an indispensable carbon management and sustainability tool for hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide, and she managed the Climate Fellows program since its inception as well. She holds a B.A in English and an M.A. in mental health, both from the University of New Hampshire. Before CA-CP, she did work in public radio, and as an historic and environmental educator for children.

Allison Leach, SIMAP Program Manager

Dr. Allison (Alley) Leach is the SIMAP Program Manager with the UNH Sustainability Institute. She is a developer of the nitrogen footprint approach, and she is a co-developer of SIMAP, the campus carbon and nitrogen footprint tool hosted by the UNH Sustainability Institute. Alley leads the research, new development, intern recruitment and support, and outreach for SIMAP. She also teaches two courses -- an undergraduate course at UNH called the Climate Action Clinic and a virtual professional development program called the PD&T Carbon Footprinting Certificate. Alley is also an active member of the international nitrogen research community and regularly gives talks on her nitrogen footprint research and food footprint label research.  If you have any nitrogen footprint questions, you can contact her at Allison.Leach@unh.edu

Ciara Tennis, SIMAP Program Assistant

Ciara Tennis is the SIMAP Program Assistant with the UNH Sustainability Institute, and she uses data to help institutions further their sustainability programs and initiatives. Since joining the team in May 2023, Ciara has already become integral to the work. She leads user support, SIMAP office hours, and data reviews. Ciara has experience working on greenhouse gas inventories as the University Assistant for Climate and Sustainability Initiatives at Eastern Connecticut State University, where she analyzes and reports data to grow the campus sustainability culture. She holds a B.A. in English and a B.A. in Art from Eastern Connecticut State University and a Master of Business Administration from Southern New Hampshire University.

Bailey Jones, Graduate student and SIMAP Intern

Bailey Jones is pursuing an MS in Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire. He started working on SIMAP while an undergrad at UNH. During his undergraduate career, he took several courses in sustainability. He especially enjoyed a sustainability engineering course about lifecycle assessment that he took while studying abroad in Australia. His many contributions to SIMAP include a case study on electric vehicle emissions and serving twice as a peer mentor for the Climate Action Clinic. Perhaps his most significant contribution has been research into the scope 3 category FERA (fuel- and energy-related activities). Bailey has taken a deep dive into the literature to calculate these upstream energy emissions factors, and he is currently working on FERA for purchased electricity.

Durga Raja, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern

Durga is a junior at the University of New Hampshire, where she is pursuing a BS in Environmental Economics. Durga's work on SIMAP has covered all aspects of UNH's food emissions, including processing our food data set and analyzing the results. Her analysis has helped us improve the methods and approach for SIMAP food calculations. Durga has also served as a peer mentor in the Climate Action Clinic for 3 semesters.

Sara Berg, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern

Sara is a senior at the University of New Hampshire. Sara's research has focused on purchases goods and services, and she processed a large data set from the EPA EEIO database to incorporate spend-based emissions factors into SIMAP. Sara is currently analyzing UNH's upstream purchasing footprint. Sara has also served as a peer mentor in the Climate Action Clinic.

Benjamin Robinson, Technical Program Assistant

Benjamin Robinson graduated from the Masters of Greenhouse Gas Management & Accounting program at Colorado State University. He has experience performing GHG inventories at various levels, ranging from project scale to full scale national inventories. Ben gained valuable experience on national inventories and well as their reporting and verification systems while working at the UNFCCC headquarters in Bonn, Germany during 2018. At Colorado State, his research focused on GHG emissions from agriculture and land use, as well as modeling of these emissions using various biogeochemical models. He received his B.S. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Florida, and during this time traveled to Alaska to research carbon cycling and feedback loops in permafrost. 


Past SIMAP team members

Meaghan Wiggin, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern

Meaghan studied Civil Engineering at UNH with a minor in Architectural Studies from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. She joined the Sustainability Institute as an intern with SIMAP, the Sustainability Indicator Management and Analysis Platform, to expand her knowledge of carbon accounting on the institution level. Meaghan focused her research on embodied carbon within buildings, which aligns with her career goals of becoming a Green Building Designer. Meaghan was also a Student Admissions Representative at UNH, was a part of a 2021 NH Social Venture Innovation Challenge winning team, and developed a Wave Energy Converter for the Marine Energy Collegiate Competition. In her free time, she enjoys cycling, surfing, traveling, and hiking the 48 4,000+ foot mountains in New Hampshire.

Molly Norton, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern 

Cassidy Yates, Graduate student and SIMAP Intern 

Cassidy Yates earned her Masters of Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire researching per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the wastewater treatment process. She interned with the UNH Sustainability Institute for several years starting in January 2019, with her work including a composting pilot, waste analysis, UNH's carbon and nitrogen footprint, and SIMAP data reviews. Cassidy also has experience with greenhouse gas accounting on the local government level from her work as a Sustainability Fellow for the City of Lebanon, NH during the summer of 2019. 

Philip Trajowski, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern 

Yulia Rothenberg, SIMAP program coordinator

Rachel Rymaszewski, Undergraduate student and SIMAP Intern