Data Review

Data Review Process

As part of your Tier 1 or Tier 2 membership*, we offer a detailed data review with the SIMAP team. This process will provide a verification of your data and results. Once your data review is complete, the SIMAP team will indicate it is complete on the 'Status' page and your completed review will be stored on your SIMAP account. 

Completing the data review with the SIMAP team will earn AASHE STARS points (0.625 points) as an independent validation/verification of your institution’s GHG inventory. For more information, please see the current STARS 2.1 Technical Manual and the draft 2.2 Technical Manual.

The data review process has three steps:

  • First, complete the data review and record your findings. This data review should be completed in this Excel spreadsheet. Once completed, email the file to and include any files you imported to your SIMAP account. Note: We do not review raw data files as part of the SIMAP data review.
  • Second, once you have completed your portion of the data review and emailed the files, please fill out the request form below. We will have an internal data review by UNHSI staff.
  • Third, we will schedule a joint review to go over our findings and provide any recommendations. We may reach out to you with questions during our internal review.  

Please allow up to six weeks for the joint review to take place after you complete first step of the review process (i.e., submit your PDF or Excel document and request a data review).

*The SIMAP team is happy to perform 1 data review per calendar year as part of your Tier 1 or Tier 2 membership. However, in order to appropriately account for our staff time, we do charge a nominal fee for a second data review request within a calendar year. Please contact us for more information.