SIMAP Subscription Tiers

Subscription Tiers

    SIMAP offers two subscription levels (Tier 1 and Tier 2) that help you calculate your carbon and nitrogen footprint at a nominal license fee. We also offer add-on services, such as data reviews and additional user support time. We continue to offer a free 2-month trial (Basic account). Our model allows UNH to cover the costs of continuing to offer and support this tool for the good of the entire campus-based sustainability community.

    Tier 1 ($400*) annual subscription

    Tier 1 features include:

    • Reports, including the annual report, Second Nature report, and food report
    • Import and export of all input data, emissions factors, and results
    • Customizable emissions factors for all sources
    • Administration of multiple users under one single institutional account
    • Export to the Second Nature Reporting Platform for Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitment signatories
    • Interactive graphs
    • User support resource materials
    • One-on-one inventory support time, up to 1 hour per year

    Tier 2 ($600*) annual subscription

    Tier 2 includes all of the featuers available with Tier 1 plus these new features released in February 2020:

    • Ability to manage and compare your campuses and buildings
    • Ability to 'tag' data points for aggregated viewing (e.g., fleet vehicles, dining halls)

    The following features are under consideration for a future version of Tier 2:

    • Customizable report templates
    • Auto-reporting to other platforms
    • "Projections" and "solutions" analysis to assist with Climate Action Planning
    • Complete Scope 3 reporting module (based on the WRI Scope 3 Protocol)
    • Benchmarking capabilities based on sector averages and peer institutions

    Add-on services

    You can purchase these additional services to support your campus reporting:

    • Annual data review**
    • Dedicated one-on-one inventory support and advising (in excess of 1 hour annually)

    We are considering offering other footprinting services, such as custom webinars and workshops. Please contact us at for more information.

    Basic Subscription

    Note: Basic accounts were discontinued on January 4, 2021, and you will no longer have access to your Basic account. We are now offering need-based waivers for Tier 1 accounts. Please contact us at with any questions or to apply for a need-based fee waiver.

    * The UNH Sustainability Institute offers a discount to Second Nature signatories of the Carbon, Climate, and Resilience Commitments. If you are a signatory, you will receive a promo code on the my account page

    ** As of July 1, 2020, data reviews are add-on services and are separate from Tier 1 and Tier 2 subscriptions. Please contact us for more information.