Graphs Instructions

SIMAP graphs are now interactive!

The graphs on the results and reports tabs are now interactive and give you more options for viewing your data.
To view the options for a graph, first hover your mouse over the graph, and a row of tiles will appear in the top right corner. If you hover over a specific tile, it will tell you what it does.
Here is a summary of the icons you can use to interact with the graph:
plotly icons.JPG
  • Download: You can download the graph as a png file by clicking on the camera icon
  • Edit: You can customize and edit the file in Chart Studio by clicking on the floppy disc icon
  • Zoom and pan: There are several options for zooming in and panning across the graph after you have zoomed in. To reset the graph after zooming, click on the ‘Autoscale’ or ‘Reset axes.’
  • Reset graph to original size: You can do this by clicking on either the ‘Autoscale’ or ‘Reset axes’ icons.
  • Toggle spike lines: This feature displays lines on the graph indicating the exact x-axis (year) and y-axis (footprint result) for a particular category. To use this feature, click the icon and then hover your mouse over the category of interest to view the toggle spike lines. To turn this feature off, just click the icon again.
  • Labels: There are two options for the types of data labels you can view when hovering over the chart. The default is ‘Show closest data on hover.’ This option displays a single label for the graph section your mouse is hovering over. The other option is ‘Compare data on hover.’ Clicking this icon will display all data labels for a year’s bar or line when you hover over it with your mouse.

Other features in the new graphs:

  • Displaying only specific categories: You can select and deselect the legend options to show only the ones you want to view. To do this, you can click on a legend item (e.g., ‘Food’). After you click on it, it will grey out and will no longer display on the graph. To reactive it, you simply click on it again to display it on the graph. You can select or deselect as many options as you want.
  • Displaying only one category: To view just a single category at a time, you can double-click it in the legend. To revert back to all categories, just double-click that same legend item again. Alternatively, you can deselect all other legend items to display just a single legend item at a time.

Additional information available on the plotly site:

Please let us know at if you have any questions or feedback on the graphs. Are there other features that would be useful in the graphs? Please let us know!