Tools for collecting data for SIMAP

These tools can be downloaded and used to assist with data collection and data entry to SIMAP. 

Campus Data Collection Template

NEW VERSION RELEASED IN AUGUST 2022, updated with new wastewater treatment methods. If you are using the Campus Data Collection Template to organize your data entry, then we encourage you to switch over to this version for improved tracking and data management. We have updated this version to make it easier to use. We added instructions and added a tab for budgets data entry. We also color-coded the entire file to clarify what data will be imported to SIMAP. We removed macros and updated the formatting to better match SIMAP. Please send any questions, comments, and feedback to us at 

The Campus Data Collection spreadsheet is a tool to help organizations collect their data day to day in one spreadsheet to help keep track of which input you have for the year. Once this is completed for the entire year, you can import all your data from this spreadsheet. This spreadsheet does not have any emission factors or calculations--it is for tracking and import only. Do not forget to check the institutional data like budgets, population, and square footage and to update any changes in those year over year. Also, please, check your goals and any other notes or changes you should track for your data collection. Use notebook and notes fields in the data entry tab to track your assumptions. 

SIMAP food calculation guidance and tools

Automate your food categorization with a great tool built by Rebecca Grekin specifically for SIMAP food categories. Check out the guidance document and FAQs about the food categorization tool.

SIMAP Food Categorization Tool

Use this spreadsheet to collect the food data. You can then upload this file in the Import tab to populate the food data input. This is a sample of how the data collection template looks with data in it. 

SIMAP Food Data Collection Template (Excel)

Guidance documents with food data tips:

SIMAP Projections and Scenarios Tool 

Please fill out this quick survey and we will email you the SIMAP projections and scenarios spreadsheets. This spreadsheet can be used to analyze food and energy scenarios for your carbon and nitrogen footprint.

These tools are in beta mode. After you use them, please share your feedback on its functionality. This functionality will be incorporated into SIMAP. 

Tools for Reference

Nitrogen Footprint Tool

The Nitrogen Footprint Tool is an Excel-based tool for calculating the campus nitrogen footprint. Originally developed at the University of Virginia in 2009, this tool has been pilot tested by the Nitrogen Footprint Tool Network and its development was supported by an EPA Cooperative Agreement. For more information on the nitrogen footprint, see Nitrogen References and SIMAP User’s Guide. Please note that this tool cannot be uploaded directly to SIMAP and is made available here for demonstration purposes.

Please, suggest additional resources you think may help you and we can add them here. 

Global Warming Potential: 

GHG GWP list

Energy Units Converter website