Training videos and slides

Below are links to short slide presentations and video webinars about a range of topics from basic account setup to detailed information about purchased electricity methodologies. Please suggest topics for which you would like to see a training video or additional information. 


Food Reporting slides [presented on September 13, 2019]. The recording will be available soon!

Q&A Webinar: answering user's questions [presented on April 12, 2019]

Second Nature and SIMAP: reporting best practices and methodologies  [presented March 1, 1-2 PM EST]

SIMAP 101: Refresher webinar slides [presented on February 1, 2019] and recording of the webinar

Complete Scope 3 presentation at 2018 AASHE Conference [presented at AASHE, October 2018]

Introduction to SIMAP overview slides [presented on October 11, 2017]

SIMAP Training slides [presented on November 30, 2017]

Nitrogen Footprint introduction [pdf slides, video in production]

Nitrogen Footprint Tool for Universities [June 27, 2018 AASHE webinar]

Slides from the AASHE 2018 presentation on projections, solutions, and goal setting [October 4, 2018]

The importance of collecting food data and how to do it in SIMAP [October 18, 2018 AASHE webinar]

Account setup [ppt slides] 

Renewable Energy Credits: Scope 2 [4/16/2018] and Q&A from the webinar

​In production:

  • Data collection: Scope 1
  • Customization of emission factors: Scope 2
  • Data collection: Scope 3
  • Food data collection
  • Understanding the data