Training videos and slides

We are working on creating short slide presentatins and videos about different topics to help with using the tool, learning about footprinting, and other information.

Please, suggest topics for which you would like to see a training video or additional information. 

Introduction to SIMAP overview slides [presented on October 11, 2017]

SIMAP Training slides [presented on November 30, 2017]

Nitrogen Footprint introduction [pdf slides, video in production]

Nitrogen Footprint Tool for Universities [June 27, 2018 AASHE webinar]

Slides from the AASHE 2019 presentation on the SIMAP on projections, solutions, and goal setting [October 4, 2018]

The importance of collecting food data and how to do it in SIMAP [October 18, 2018 AASHE webinar]

Account setup [ppt slides] 

Renewable Energy Credits: Scope 2 [4/16/2018] and Q&A from the webinar

​In production:

  • Data collection: Scope 1
  • Customization of emission factors: Scope 2
  • Data collection: Scope 3
  • Food data collection
  • Understanding the data