Commuting Working Group

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The Commuting Working Group launched in March 2019. The working group is co-faciliated by SIMAP and Second Nature. If you are interested in joining the Commuting Working Group, please email us at

Goals of the Commuting Working Group

The overarching goal of the Commuting Working Group is to standardize and improve commuting data collection and entry. Our specific goals are:

  • Develop a commuting data collection template for standardized commuting data collection
  • Develop a commuting data survey, which aligns with the data collection template and can be adapted for specific campuses
  • Determine how to calculate the footprint of new commuting sources (e.g., electric vehicles, telecommuting)

Progress to date

The Commuting Working Group has already prepared draft documents and compiled public comment. We are in the process of incorporating those public comments into the draft documents before releasing them. If you would like to see the draft versions, please contact us at Those documents are:

  • Commuting data collection template
  • Commuting survey
  • Electric vehicle calculations

A key recommendation from the Commuting Working Group is to standardize commuting data collection and entry into three levels: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Our group has also presented preliminary findings at the 2019 AASHE Conference: “Getting from there to here: Improving data collection and reporting related to commuting impacts.” 

Commuting Working Group Members

Jenn Andrews, Project Manager, University of New Hampshire
Allison Leach, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of New Hampshire
Aurora Sharrard, Director of Sustainability, University of Pittsburgh 
Shoshana Blank Dodge, Education & Outreach Program Administrator, Tufts University
Nikhil Schneider, Energy and Sustainability Coordinator, California State University Northridge
Corey Hawkey, Assistant Sustainability Director, Arizona State University
Alex Davis, Sustainability Program Manager, Arizona State University
Sally DeLeon, Sustainability Measurement Coordinator, University of Maryland College Park
Elaine Durr, Director of Sustainability, Elon University

Next steps

Future goals of the Commuting Working Group include:

  • Finalize and release the commuting guidance documents
  • Incorporate the commuting recommendations into SIMAP

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Please contact