10. Processing of sold products

Select one of the buttons below to enter your scope 3 category 10 data. There is one option: Purchasing data (dollars or MT eCO2).

Purchasing Data (USD)

Category 10.png

What is included in the processing of sold products category?

The processing of sold products category includes the emissions that occur from the processing of sold intermediate products by third parties (e.g., manufacturers) subsequent to sale by the reporting organization. Intermediate products are any product that requires further processing, transformation, or inclusion in another product before use. Examples of intermediate products include adhesives, chemicals, plastics, or anything else that is further processed before its final sale. Emissions from this category may occur after the reporting year. Processing of sold products is category 10 of scope 3.

What options are available in SIMAP for processing of sold products data entry?

  • Purchasing data: Enter dollars spent by purchasing category. You can assign any of the purchasing data categories to the processing of sold products category. Note that purchasing data is intended to provide an order of magnitude estimate. See this page for guidance on purchasing data entry.

SIMAP will add more data entry options for the processing of sold products category in the future.


Source: GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting and Reporting Standard