Purchasing Data: EPA EEIO Commodity Categories

SIMAP: Purchasing Data
EPA EEIO Commodity Categories: Summary and detailed categories with commodity codes

Emissions factor version 1.1.1, using version 1.0 category names. Commodity codes are the same across versions.

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Summary commodity name Commodity code Detailed commodity name
Farms 111CA Average
1111A0 Fresh soybeans, canola, flaxseeds, and other oilseeds
1111B0 Fresh wheat, corn, rice, and other grains
111200 Fresh vegetables, melons, and potatoes
111300 Fresh fruits and tree nuts
111400 Greenhouse crops, mushrooms, nurseries, and flowers
111900 Tobacco, cotton, sugarcane, peanuts, sugar beets, herbs and spices, and other crops
112120 Dairies
1121A0 Cattle ranches and feedlots
112300 Poultry farms
112A00 Animal farms and aquaculture ponds (except cattle and poultry)
Forestry, fishing, and related activities 113FF Average
113000 Timber and raw forest products
114000 Wild-caught fish and game
115000 Agriculture and forestry support
Oil and gas extraction 211 Average
211000 Unrefined oil and gas
Mining, except oil and gas 212 Average
212100 Coal
212230 Copper, nickel, lead, and zinc
2122A0 Iron, gold, silver, and other metal ores
212310 Dimensional stone
2123A0 Sand, gravel, clay, phosphate, other nonmetallic minerals
Support activities for mining 213 Average
213111 Well drilling
21311A Other support activities for mining
Utilities 22 Average
221100 Electricity
221200 Natural gas
221300 Drinking water and wastewater treatment
Construction 23 Average
230301 Nonresidential maintenance and repair
230302 Residential maintenance and repair
233210 Health care structures
233230 Manufacturing structures
233240 Power and communication structures
233262 Educational and vocational structures
2332A0 Commercial structures, including farm structures
2332C0 Transportation structures and highways and streets
2332D0 Other nonresidential structures
233411 Single-family residential structures
233412 Multifamily residential structures
2334A0 Other residential structures
Food and beverage and tobacco products 311FT Average
311111 Dog and cat food
311119 Other animal food
311210 Flours and malts
311221 Corn products
311224 Soybean and other oilseed processing
311225 Refined vegetable, olive, and seed oils
311230 Breakfast cereals
311300 Sugar, candy, and chocolate
311410 Frozen food
311420 Fruit and vegetable preservation
311513 Cheese
311514 Dry, condensed, and evaporated dairy
31151A Fluid milk and butter
311520 Ice cream and frozen desserts
311615 Packaged poultry
31161A Packaged meat (except poultry)
311700 Seafood
311810 Bread and other baked goods
3118A0 Cookies, crackers, pastas, and tortillas
311910 Snack foods
311920 Coffee and tea
311930 Flavored drink concentrates
311940 Seasonings and dressings
311990 All other foods
312110 Soft drinks, bottled water, and ice
312120 Breweries and beer
312130 Wineries and wine
312140 Distilleries and spirits
312200 Tobacco products
Textile mills and textile product mills 313TT Average
313100 Fiber, yarn, and thread
313200 Fabric
313300 Finished and coated fabric
314110 Carpets and rugs
314120 Curtains and linens
314900 Other textiles
Apparel and leather and allied products 315AL Average
315000 Clothing
316000 Leather
Wood products 321 Average
321100 Lumber and treated lumber
321200 Plywood and veneer
321910 Wooden windows, door, and flooring
3219A0 Veneer, plywood, and engineered wood
Paper products 322 Average
322110 Wood pulp
322120 Paper
322130 Cardboard
322210 Cardboard containers
322220 Paper bags and coated paper
322230 Stationery
322291 Sanitary paper (tissues, napkins, diapers, etc.)
322299 All other converted paper products
Printing and related support activities 323 Average
323110 Books, newspapers, magazines, and other print media
323120 Printing support
Petroleum and coal products 324 Average
324110 Gasoline, fuels, and by-products of petroleum refining
324121 Asphalt pavement
324122 Asphalt shingles
324190 Other petroleum and coal products
325110 Petrochemicals
Chemical products 325 Average
325120 Compressed Gases
325130 Synthetic dyes and pigments
325180 Other basic inorganic chemicals
325190 Other basic organic chemicals
325211 Plastics
3252A0 Synthetic rubber and artificial and synthetic fibers
325310 Fertilizers
325320 Pesticides
325411 Medicinal and botanical ingredients
325412 Pharmaceutical products (pills, powders, solutions, etc.)
325413 Blood sugar, pregnancy, and other diagnostic test kits
325414 Vaccines and other biological medical products
325510 Paints and coatings
325520 Adhesives
325610 Soap and cleaning compounds
325620 Toiletries
325910 Ink and ink cartridges
3259A0 Chemicals (except basic chemicals, agrichemicals, polymers, paints, pharmaceuticals,soaps, cleaning compounds)
Plastics and rubber products 326 Average
326110 Plastic bags, films, and sheets
326120 Plastic pipe, fittings, and sausage casings
326130 Laminated plastic plates and shapes
326140 Polystyrene foam products
326150 Urethane and other foam products
326160 Plastic bottles
326190 Other plastic products
326210 Rubber tires
326220 Rubber and plastic belts and hoses
326290 Other rubber products
Nonmetallic mineral products 327 Average
327100 Clay and ceramic products
327200 Glass and glass products
327310 Cement
327320 Ready-mix concrete
327330 Concrete pipe, bricks, and blocks
327390 Other concrete products
327400 Lime and gypsum products
327910 Abrasive products
327991 Cut stone and stone products
327992 Ground or treated minerals and earth
327993 Mineral wool
327999 Other nonmetallic mineral products
Primary metals 331 Average
331110 Primary iron, steel, and ferroalloy products
331200 Secondary steel products
331313 Alumina refining and primary aluminum production
33131B Aluminum products
331410 Nonferrous Metal (except Aluminum) Smelting and Refining
331420 Secondary copper products
331490 Other secondary nonferrous metal products
331510 Cast iron and steel
331520 Nonferrous metal casts
Fabricated metal products 332 Average
332114 Custom metal rolls
332119 Metal crown, closure, and other metal stamping (except automotive)
33211A All other forging, stamping, and sintering
332200 Cutlery and handtools
332310 Metal structural products
332320 Metal windows, doors, and architectural products
332410 Power boilers and heat exchangers
332420 Heavy gauge metal tanks
332430 Light gauge metal cans, boxes, and containers
332500 Metal hinges, keys, lock, and other hardware
332600 Springs and wires
332710 Machine shops
332720 Screws, nuts, and bolts
332800 Metal coatings, engravings, and heat treatments
332913 Metal plumbing drains, faucets, valves, and other fittings
33291A Valve and fittings (except for plumbing)
332991 Ball and roller bearings
332996 Fabricated pipe and pipe fittings
332999 Other fabricated metal manufacturing
33299A Ammunition, arms, ordnance, and related accessories
Machinery 333 Average
333111 Farm machinery and equipment
333112 Lawn and garden equipment
333120 Construction machinery
333130 Mining and oil/gas field machinery
333242 Semiconductor machinery
33329A Machinery for the paper, textile, food or other industries (except semiconductor machinery)
333314 Optical instruments and lenses
333316 Photography and photocopying equipment
333318 Other commercial and service industry machinery
333413 Industrial and commercial fan and blower and air purification equipment
333414 Heating equipment other than warm air furnaces
333415 Air conditioning, refrigeration, and warm air heating equipment
333511 Industrial molds
333514 Special tools, dies, jigs, and fixtures
333517 Machine tool manufacturing
33351B Cutting and machine tool accessory, rolling mill, and other metalworking machines
333611 Turbines and turbine generator sets
333612 Speed changers, industrial high-speed drives, and gears
333613 Mechanical power transmission equipment
333618 Other engine equipment
333912 Air and gas compressors
33391A Pumps and pumping equipment
333920 Material handling equipment
333991 Power tools
333993 Packaging machinery
333994 Industrial process furnaces and ovens
33399A Welding and Soldering Equipment, Scales and Balances, and other general purpose machinery
33399B Hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and actuators
Computer and electronic products 334 Average
334111 Computers
334112 Computer storage device readers
334118 Computer terminals and other computer peripheral equipment
334210 Telephones
334220 Wireless communications
334290 Communications equipment
334300 Audio and video equipment
334413 Semiconductors
334418 Printed circuit and electronic assembly
33441A Electronic capacitors, resistors, coils, transformers, connectors and other components (except  semiconductors and printed circuit assemblies)
334510 Electromedical appartuses
334511 Navigation instruments
334512 Automatic controls for HVAC and refrigeration equipment
334513 Industrial process variable instruments
334514 Fluid meters and counting devices
334515 Signal testing instruments
334516 Analytical laboratory instruments
334517 Irradiation apparatuses
33451A Watches, clocks, and other measuring and controlling devices
334610 External hard drives, CDs, other storage media
Electrical equipment, appliances, and components 335 Average
335110 Light bulbs
335120 Light fixtures
335210 Small electrical appliances
335221 Home cooking appliances
335222 Home refrigerators and freezers
335224 Home laundry machines
335228 Major home appliances (except ovens, stoves, refrigerators and laundry machines)
335311 Specialty transformers
335312 Motors and generators
335313 Switchgear and switchboards
335314 Relay and industrial controls
335911 Storage batteries
335912 Primary batteries
335920 Communication and energy wire and cable
335930 Wiring devices
335991 Carbon and graphite products
335999 Other miscellaneous electrical equipment and components
Motor vehicles, bodies and trailers, and parts 3361MV Average
336111 Automobiles
336112 Pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs
336120 Heavy duty trucks
336211 Vehicle bodies
336212 Truck trailers
336213 Motor homes
336214 Travel trailer and campers
336310 Vehicle engines and engine parts
336320 Vehicle electrical and electronic equipment
336350 Transmission and power train parts
336360 Vehicle seating and interior trim (upholstery)
336370 Vehicle metal stamping
336390 Other vehicle parts
3363A0 Motor vehicle steering, suspension components (except spring), and brake systems
Other transportation equipment 3364OT Average
336411 Aircraft
336412 Aircraft engines and parts
336413 Other aircraft parts
336414 Guided missiles and space vehicles
33641A Propulsion units and parts for space vehicles and guided missiles
336500 Railroad rolling stock
336611 Ships and ship repair
336612 Boats
336991 Motorcycle, bicycle, and parts
336992 Military armored vehicles and tanks
336999 Other transportation equipment
Furniture and related products 337 Average
337110 Wood kitchen cabinets and countertops
337121 Home furniture - upholstered
337122 Home furniture - wood, nonupholstered
337127 Institutional furniture
33712N Other household nonupholstered furniture
337215 Shelving and lockers
33721A Office furniture and custom architectural woodwork and millwork
337900 Mattresses, blinds and shades
Miscellaneous manufacturing 339 Average
339112 Surgical and medical instruments
339113 Surgical appliance and supplies
339114 Dental equipment and supplies
339115 Ophthalmic goods
339116 Dental laboratories
339910 Jewelry and silverware
339920 Sporting and athletic goods
339930 Dolls, toys, and games
339940 Office supplies (not paper)
339950 Signs
339990 Gaskets, seals, musical instruments, fasteners, brooms, brushes, mop and other misc. goods
Wholesale trade 42 Average
4200ID Customs duties
423100 Motor vehicle and motor vehicle parts and supplies
423400 Professional and commercial equipment and supplies
423600 Household appliances and electrical and electronic goods
423800 Machinery, equipment, and supplies
423A00 Other durable goods merchant wholesalers
424200 Drugs and druggists sundries
424400 Grocery and related product wholesalers
424700 Petroleum and petroleum products
424A00 Other nondurable goods merchant wholesalers
425000 Wholesale electronic markets and agents and brokers
Motor vehicle and parts dealers 441 Average
441000 Vehicles and parts sales
444000 Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers
Food and beverage stores 445 Average
445000 Food and beverage stores
446000 Health and personal care stores
447000 Gasoline stations
448000 Clothing and clothing accessories stores
General merchandise stores 452 Average
452000 General merchandise stores
454000 Nonstore retailers
Air transportation 481 Average
481000 Air transport
Rail transportation 482 Average
482000 Rail transport
Water transportation 483 Average
483000 Water transport (boats, ships, ferries)
Truck transportation 484 Average
484000 Truck transport
Transit and ground passenger transportation 485 Average
485000 Passenger ground transport
Pipeline transportation 486 Average
486000 Pipeline transport
Other transportation and support activities 487OS Average
48A000 Scenic and sightseeing transportation and support activities for transportation
491000 Postal service
492000 Couriers and messengers
Warehousing and storage 493 Average
493000 Warehousing
Other retail 4A0 Average
4B0000 All other retail
Publishing industries, except internet (includes software) 511 Average
511110 Newspapers
511120 Magazines and journals
511130 Books
5111A0 Directory, mailing list, and other publishers
511200 Software
Motion picture and sound recording industries 512 Average
512100 Movies and film
512200 Sound recording
Broadcasting and telecommunications 513 Average
515100 Radio and television
515200 Cable and subscription programming
517110 Telecommunications
517210 Wireless telecommunications
517A00 Satellite, telecommunications resellers, and all other telecommunications
Data processing, internet publishing, and other information services 514 Average
518200 Data processing and hosting
519130 Internet publishing and broadcasting
5191A0 News syndicates, libraries, archives, Internet publishing and all other information services
Federal Reserve banks, credit intermediation, and related activities 521CI Average
52A000 Monetary authorities and depository credit intermediation
522A00 Nondepository credit intermediation and related activities
Securities, commodity contracts, and investments 523 Average
523900 Investment advice, portfolio management, and other financial advising services
523A00 Securities and commodities brokerage and exchanges
Insurance carriers and related activities 524 Average
524113 Direct life insurance carriers
5241XX Insurance carriers, except direct life
524200 Insurance agencies and brokerages
Funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles 525 Average
525000 Funds, trusts, and financial vehicles
Housing HS Average
531HSO Owner-occupied housing
531HST Tenant-occupied housing
Other real estate ORE Average
531ORE Other real estate
Rental and leasing services and lessors of intangible assets 532RL Average
532100 Vehicle rental and leasing
532400 Commercial equipment rental
532A00 Consumer goods and general rental centers
533000 Lessors of nonfinancial intangible assets
Legal services 5411 Average
541100 Legal services
Miscellaneous professional, scientific, and technical services 5412OP Average
541200 Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping, and payroll
541300 Architectural, engineering, and related services
541400 Specialized design
541610 Management consulting
5416A0 Environmental and other technical consulting services
541700 Scientific research and development
541800 Advertising and public relations
541920 Photographers
541940 Veterinarians
5419A0 Marketing research and all other miscellaneous professional, scientific, and technical services
Computer systems design and related services 5415 Average
541511 Custom computer programming
541512 Computer systems design
54151A Other computer related services, including facilities management
Management of companies and enterprises 55 Average
550000 Company and enterprise management
Administrative and support services 561 Average
561100 Office administration
561200 Facilities support
561300 Employment services
561400 Business support
561500 Travel arrangement and reservation
561600 Investigation and security
561700 Buildings and dwellings services
561900 Other support services
Waste management and remediation services 562 Average
562000 Waste management and remediation
Educational services 61 Average
611100 Elementary and secondary schools
611A00 Colleges, universities, junior colleges, and professional schools
611B00 Other educational services
Ambulatory health care services 621 Average
621100 Physicians
621200 Dentists
621300 Healthcare practitioners (except physicians and dentists)
621400 Outpatient healthcare
621500 Medical laboratories
621600 Home healthcare
621900 Ambulances
Hospitals 622 Average
622000 Hospitals
Nursing and residential care facilities 623 Average
623A00 Nursing and community care facilities
623B00 Residential mental retardation, mental health, substance abuse and other facilities
Social assistance 624 Average
624100 Individual and family services
624400 Child day care
624A00 Community food, housing, and other relief services, including rehabilitation services
Performing arts, spectator sports, museums, and related activities 711AS Average
711100 Performances
711200 Sports
711500 Independent artists, writers, and performers
711A00 Promoters and agents
712000 Museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks
Amusements, gambling, and recreation industries 713 Average
713100 Amusement parks and arcades
713200 Gambling establishments (except casino hotels)
713900 Golf courses, marinas, ski resorts, fitness and other rec centers and industries
Accommodation 721 Average
721000 Hotels and campgrounds
Food services and drinking places 722 Average
722110 Full-service restaurants
722211 Limited-service restaurants
722A00 All other food and drinking places
Other services, except government 81 Average
811100 Vehicle repair
811200 Electronic  equipment repair and maintenance
811300 Commercial machinery repair
811400 Household goods repair
812100 Salons and barber shops
812200 Funerary services
812300 Dry-cleaning and laundry
812900 Pet care, photofinishing, parking and other sundry services
813100 Religious organizations
813A00 Grantmaking, giving, and social advocacy organizations
813B00 Civic, social, professional, and similar organizations
814000 Household employees