Commuting Materials

Commuting Data Collection Templates, Surveys, and Guidance:

To aid in commuting data collection, the Commuting Working Group has developed materials for three tiers of data collection: basic, medium, and comprehensive. Data collection templates, surveys, and guidance documents can help users looking for ballpark estimates of commuting emissions, start collecting commuting data specific to their campus, or improve their existing data collection methods. 


Basic Level

The basic level provides an opportunity to estimate emissions based only on population and the percent of students residing on campus, relying on default values for all other data entry fields. These default values were generated using aggregated data from current SIMAP users. Optionally, default values can be edited based on the user's knowledge of the campus commuting, as detailed in the guidance manual. Surveys of faculty, staff, and student commuting patterns are not required for this basic level. 


Available upon request
Download the Basic Commuting Guidance Manual (PDF)
Learn where to obtain data on your campus & how to use it in SIMAP 


Available upon request
Download the Basic Commuting Data Collection Template (Excel)
Includes the two required data points & default values

Comprehensive Level (Recommended)

The comprehensive level commuting data collection materials can help users looking to start collecting commuting data specific to their campus or improve and expand their existing data collection methods. Survey templates include detailed questions to help users obtain data that aligns with the SIMAP data entry fields and AASHE STARS reporting. With two survey templates available, users can choose which level of detail is right for their campus data collection needs. Both the intermediate and comprehensive surveys can be used with the comprehensive data collection template. For more information on using the data collection and survey templates, see the guidance manual. 


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Comprehensive Commuting
Guidance Manual (PDF)


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Available upon request
Comprehensive Commuting 
Data Collection Template (Excel)
Learn where to obtain data on your campus & how to use it in SIMAP
Survey questions to meet the data input needs
This template accommodates both the intermediate and comprehensive surveys 


What are the differences between the intermediate and comprehensive commuting survey templates?

Both surveys can be used with the comprehensive data collection template (coming soon) but the intermediate survey has:

  • Fewer modes
  • Less information on electric vehicle usage
  • No option to collect seasonal or multi-modal data

Developed by the Commuting Working Group, the survey templates provide a baseline for the types of questions and language to be used in the development of your own survey. We encourage users to customize these to best match the commuting culture on their campus.


Email us at with any questions regarding the commuting update, materials, or if you're interested in beta testing the new templates and interface!