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The SIMAP webinar on 2023 updates is postponed to Wednesday March 22nd at 2pm ET. Register here.

The new SIMAP functionality is live! Check out our March 2023 newsletter for more details.

If you are logging in today (February 21st), you will see some changes! We are in the soft launch phase of our 2023 functionality release. Keep an eye out for an announcement next week, and please contact us at with any questions.

SIMAP Subscribers: You can receive a discount for our Carbon Footprinting Certificate courses! Contact us at for more information.

Check out our January 2023 newsletter: SIMAP Updates Coming Soon

Some big updates are coming soon to SIMAP! In February 2023, we will release the 2022 version of emission factors and we will incorporate ALL 15 scope 3 sources. Stay tuned for a newsletter in January with more information.

Interested to compare emission factors across all sources in one table? Check out these tables showing the standard 2020 emission factors and 2021 emission factors in SIMAP.

SIMAP will be down for routine maintenance the morning of Tuesday February 15

SIMAP office hours canceled Friday November 25. Contact us at with any questions or to schedule a call!

Check out the new summary graph on institution public reporting pages! You can now track your progress towards goals. See UNH's page as an example.

Read our latest newsletter on SIMAP Summer Updates

New courses are open for the Carbon Footprinting Certificate, including a scope 3 elective and sections for the fall.

Register for our next webinar titled 'SIMAP and Second Nature: Public Reporting' on Tuesday April 26th at 3pm ET

Now live: SIMAP Public Reporting Module! Read our February 2022 newsletter for more information.

Annual updates: 2021 version of emission factors, new wastewater methods, and new commuting modes (telecommuting and EVs)

Rescheduled: Half-day SIMAP tutorial has been rescheduled for March 17. Register here

Check out the webinar recording and slides from the SIMAP and Second Nature Webinar on the New Public Reporting Module, presented on 28 January 2022

Register for the next half-day SIMAP course on February 17: 'SIMAP: A tutorial on a carbon and nitrogen footprint tool for higher ed'

Student opportunity: UNH Summer Sustainability Fellowship applications are open and due February 14th!

Register for our January 28 webinar on the new Public Reporting Module

Update on Public Reporting Module, to be launched in February

Carbon Clinic to be launched by the Sustainability Institute Fall 2022

SIMAP and Second Nature announce expanded partnership and new Reporting Platform! Read the full press release.

Register for our upcoming SIMAP webinar on October 6th at 2pm ET! We will share our latest updates and plans, including the next version of emission factors and new scope 3 calculations.

Check out our September 2021 newsletter

We launched a Carbon Footprinting Certificate Program through UNH Professional Development & Training! Register for our first two courses this fall: Introduction to Carbon Footprinting on 10/28 and Carbon Footprinting: Data Collection and Calculations on 12/9.

The degree day factors were updated for several states in August 2021. This was a correction and an update. See the degree days page for more information.

New electricity emission factors are available! They will not be in SIMAP until early 2022, but you can enter them as custom emission factors now.

Scheduled downtime: SIMAP will be down for routine maintenace on Tuesday June 29th from about 8am to 10am ET.

Interested in learning more about nitrogen? Register for free for the virtual International Nitrogen Initiative Conference, to be held May 31 - June 3. There will be two nitrogen footprint sessions on Thursday June 3rd at 7:15am and 8:05 am ET.

Check out the slide set and recording of our April 2021 SIMAP and Wecond Nature webinar on reporting

Read our April 2021 newsletter

New graph views are now on the Results tab: Gross Footprint and Net Footprint

We taught a half-day virtual course on 'Intro to Carbon Footprinting,' on May 6th! Stay tuned for more course offerings.

Check out the slide set and recording of the February 2021 SIMAP webinar on new functionality

Read our January 2021 newsletter with announcements on new functionality!

We released new functionality on January 19, 2021 including the 2020 version of emission factors, biogenic updates, 20-year GWPs, air travel methods selections, and commuting data entry guidance. More details are coming in a newsletter this Thursday.

Basic accounts were discontinued on January 4, 2021. Contact us at with any questions, or to apply for a need-based Tier 1 fee waiver.

Read our latest quarterly newsletter from November 2020.

Want to learn more about the 2019 version of emission factors? See this table summarizing all 2019 EFs and this list of references.

Check out our new 5-minute training videos, which cover SIMAP data reviews, the local nitrogen footprint, UNH's carbon footprint, and UNH's food nitrogen footprint

The slides and recording are available from our August 2020 webinar on "Complete Scope 3 Progress, Including Upstream Emissions from Energy" 

Sign up to join the Nitrogen Working Group, set to launch this fall!

Register for a webinar on "GRITS Goals: A Powerful New Tool for Climate Action Planning," to be held Thursday July 30th from 1:00 - 2:30pm ET

Read our latest quarterly newsletter from July 2020.

Read our latest quarterly newsletter from May 2020.

Please fill out the Commuting Data Collection and Analysis Survey by May 22 to provide feedback on updates proposed by the Commuting Working Group (commuting data, a commuting survey, and electric vehicles).

Read our February announcements newsletter.

Multi-campus functionality (Tier 2) is NOW AVAILABLE! Upgrade now on the my account page.

2019 version of emission factors is NOW AVAILABLE! Switch to the recommended 2019 version on the Data Mgmt tab.

The Tier 1 subscription fee increased to $400/year on 3 February 2020. See this and other January announcements here.

Check out the latest SIMAP Quarterly Newsletter, released in December 2019.

The new version of the Campus Data Collection Template was released in October 2019!

The all-new food report is live! Tier 1 subscribers can view it on the reports tab, and more information is available here.

View the slides from the September SIMAP webinar on food reporting. Check back soon for the recording.

Released this spring: 2018 version of emissions factors with updated eGrid and residual EFs. Select on the Data Mgmt tab.

Request a data review with the SIMAP team. 

Request new Excel-based tools for food and energy projections and scenarios. 

The beta testing for multiple campus functionality for Tier 2 is still accepting testers!  

Past webinars are available on our training page 

Graphs are now interactive! Check them out on the results tab and review the user guidance for how to use them. 

New and simpler data collection template now available! 

Please read this new guidance on the updated Scope 2 market-based purchased electricity calculations with residual emissions factors. 

Check out the FAQs and changes and updates

CarbonMAP users can still request your data HERE.